Image and Fashion Styling Certification Program

Many people seek professional assistance when it comes to their choice of wardrobe and this is because they appreciate the personalized feedback a professional stylist or image consultant proffers them. Use your skills as a professional stylist/image consultant to assist people in boosting their credibility, building their exposure, and achieving their professional goal both offline and online with a personal brand that’s well established and notable. As an image consultant, your job is not only to help individuals define their personal style but also to change their entire outlook and how they carry/present themselves in the society.

The Event Management and Design Institute's Image Consultant and Stylist Certification Program is an intensive and self-guided educational experience that can be executed anytime, anywhere and anyplace in the world with the help of smartphone, tablet, or laptop with good internet connection.

Our online certification program offers the flexibility you need to execute the course as your calendar permits. Our program also teaches you how to mentor others to find and express their own style, love the skin they're in, and improve their outer and inner beauty. Our team will assist you in transforming your passion for fashion into a profitable and meaningful career opportunity. Our program is loaded with power-packed tutorials on styling essentials and practical guide to create a successful business.

We believe that by offering you personalized feedback, optimal self-paced learning experience and though-provoking exercises, you will achieve a greater success rate when exploring these processes or starting up your new business. The Event Management and Design Institute include industry-proven styling/image consulting exercises improved with timely and modern perspectives.

Our program is for you if you:

  • Are launching a new career as an image consulting and stylist
  • Want to begin your own image consulting and styling business
  • Are interested in working with an established image consulting firm
  • Are in the business and want to stay fresh with continuing learning
  • Are not in the business, but want to learn trends from industry experts
  • Want to validate your experience
  • Want to fulfill individual goals
  • Want to work effectively


  • Certificate
  • Assign advisor (unlimited assistance)
  • Training materials and guides
  • Online training site
  • Tutorial sessions
  • Assignments and exam
  • Career enhancement exercises


  • Client’s style personality
  • Breaking out of a ‘style rut’
  • Developing a unique and seamless style
  • Life coaching tools
  • Integrating basic life coach skills
  • Budget plan
  • Range of color characteristics
  • Color analysis
  • Color theories
  • How to identify your client’s body shape
  • Dressing your client
  • Identify the various cuts and styles of clothes
  • The role of accessories
  • Fabrics, patterns, and colors
  • How to carry out a professional wardrobe audit
  • Core wardrobe items
  • Avoiding communication mistakes
  • Confidence coaching
  • Confronting obstacles and set-backs
  • Life coaching tools
  • Identification of your client’s body shape
  • Inner self-image
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt
  • Client skin evaluating
  • Introduction to the various cosmetic products
  • Basic makeup theory
  • Basic makeup application and techniques
  • Intro to hair styling and design
  • Marketing and advertising your business
  • Daily business operation
  • Essential business knowledge and tools


It is a self-paced program. It depends on your schedule and how much time you have to devote to it. Therefore, you can complete the program as fast as you like, or give yourself up to 12 months to complete it. The majority of students work full-time while taking the class and can easily accommodate the course workload.

Not only can you complete it at anytime but you can do it anyplace and anywhere in the world with a laptop, tablet, or smart phone and an internet connection. Our online certification program provides the flexibility you need to complete the course as your schedule permits.