Student Resources

Our Student Resource Center help students navigate program resources and services, and promote and provide ways for students to get connected and stay informed at EMDI. From exemplary training programs, to a wide variety of preparatory resources, we are here to help you get your education and career off to a wonderful start.

EMDI is Committed to:

  • Creating a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for student growth and exploration.
  • Learning about and appreciating differences in our diverse community and integrating this principle into our services and programs.
  • Continuously refining our practice, learning from our students and colleagues, and implementing professional best practices.
  • Equipping students with a foundation of transferable skills that are critical to success in and out of the academic environment.

Risk-Free Refund Policy

We are dedicated to providing high quality training and education. To ensure the satisfaction of all of our students, we offer a Risk-Free Refund Policy. That means that you have 5 days to preview your course, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason we will refund the tuition cost in full, no questions asked. In addition, due to the high quality of our courses, should you choose to withdraw from the course after the 5-day period, we are one of the only programs to grant a refund after a student is given access to our training materials.

On-The-Job Training - Guaranteed Clients:

Real-world training to put what you have learned into practice

This is a great opportunity to learn all aspects of event planning. While the online training course affords you opportunities to gain theoretical knowledge and technical skills, the on-the-job training provides valuable practical experience. Upon completing your training, EMDI provides clients for you to work with to help you put your passions and talents to work.

You will be involved in researching venues, vendors, design ideas, and the planning and production of events with an assigned event planner. We will select an event that is diverse so that you receive the optimum exposure to various styles, budgets, venues, etc. You must be available a minimum of 10 hours per week; some evenings and weekends are required based on the event schedule. Generally, you will work onsite, but some situations allow for you to work from home. Your assigned advisor will be available to you at all reasonable times for any questions or concerns that you may have.

On-the-Job Training Benefits:
  • Experience with marketing a small business, including the importance of social media, networking, etc.
  • Experience with the event planning process, including logistics, promotion, budgeting, timelines, and vendor management
  • Written referral/recommendation upon successful completion of the program
  • A competitive edge - It will help set you apart from the competition because the majority of certification programs do not offer on-the-job training.